Since Ipsilon v1.0.0, the database has a schema version, and since v1.1.0, an upgrade tool is included in all releases.

Used schema versions

Schema versions are not linked directly to an Ipsilon release: multiple releases may use the same schema, and won't need a changed schema. The list below shows which Ipsilon version a schema version was included with.

  • 0(unversioned): pre-1.0.0
  • 1: version 1.0.0
  • 2: version 1.1.0: added indexes to all tables
  • 3: version 2.0.0: user consent and authorization tables


To upgrade your database, run the ipsilon-upgrade-database tool, passing it the instance name as its parameter. Example: ipsilon-upgrade-database --instance=idp

This will go through all required updates and apply them. After this script finishes, you can start your Ipsilon server again.