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Main changes since 1.1.1:

  • Add SAML2 IdP-initiated login
  • Support mod_nss and mod_ssl from the same config file
  • Some logging fixes
  • Ipsilon specific PAM file
  • Support for newer python-pam versions
  • Add tool to create configuration file from database
  • Fix displaying of move markers
  • SAML2 SP name can now be hostname
  • SAML2 logout bugfixes

Detailed Changelog =

Christian Heimes (1):

  • Support mod_nss and mod_ssl from the same config file

John Dennis (9):

  • Modify is_lasso_ecp_enabled() to test for library symbol
  • Transaction object must always have a transaction id
  • Properly identify code location of logging message
  • Handle user session data for both internal and external authentication
  • ipsilon-server-install sometimes fails to log & emit errors
  • Error messages missing value for format-specifier
  • Update spec file dependencies on lasso and mellon
  • Allow SAML SP metadata to be viewed and edited
  • Use Ipsilon specific PAM service file

Michael Scherer (2):

  • Fix traceback when ipsilon-tools-ipa is not installed
  • Fix a error in the backup file name when running ipsilon-server-install

Patrick Uiterwijk (29):

  • Add check for permissions on deleting a SAML2 Service Provider
  • Fix python-pam API usage
  • Add tool to create a configuration file from database
  • Fix concerns about shadowing APIs
  • Skip provider if it doesn't support single logout
  • Provide email field in openid
  • Provide username attribute
  • Don't fail test if using new API
  • Allow an SP without signing keys
  • Make it possible to use saml2 in quickstart
  • Use mapped attributes for nameid detection
  • Mark move markers as safe
  • Initialize plugins outside of the upgrade cycle
  • Remove readonly check when only getting plugin information
  • Add test case for the homepage in case of filebased config
  • Update and spec to the new README location
  • providers: common: make exception code/message standard
  • providers: openid: fix exception usage
  • tools: saml2metadata: fix using datetime instead of date
  • util: data: Use the correct columns dictionary
  • login: authpam: Fix import order
  • general: move binary operators to previous line
  • tests: openid: fix pep8 errors
  • info: infoldap: allow anonymous binding
  • info: infoldap: prevent NameError in case bind fails
  • SAML2: Allow SP name to be hostname
  • SAML2: Update test hostname to be less odd
  • providers: openid: fix class name for InvalidRequest
  • Bump version to 1.2.0

Rob Crittenden (12):

  • Fix incorrect raise exception syntax
  • Force cherrypy.log.screen to be True to enable normal logging
  • Don't crash if no NameIdPolicy is requested
  • Fix wrong attribute name for HTTP response status code
  • Don't assume cache_dir is set in conf during uninstall
  • Catch unsigned logout requests and raise a 400 for now
  • Be more verbose when logging errors in info LDAP plugin
  • Add support for IdP-initiated login
  • Verify that uploaded files are readable when selected
  • Don't assume that an enabled login plugin is available
  • Store login failure error messages in the transaction
  • Handle unknown SAML2 SP's when logging out

Ryan Lerch (1):

  • updated the Readme to markdown format