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Some of the new features in the release are:

  • Single Logout for SAML2 (SP-initiated)
  • SAML IdP metadata now expiring and automatically regenerated
  • New policy framework for mapping and filtering attributes
  • Request/response logging
  • Uninstallation added to installer

= Detailed Changelog =

John Dennis (3):

  • Add request/response logging via cherrypy tool hooks
  • Add source code context information to debug logs
  • Fix request multipart logging when only 1 part is present

Patrick Uiterwijk (19):

  • Fix file permissions and remove shebang's
  • Fix some copy-paste errors in help output
  • Fix a copy-paste error
  • Update spec file after Fedora review
  • Add the OpenID xrds template to
  • Remove print lines from openid
  • Fall back to default templates dir if it does not exist in template_dir
  • Make test results more clear
  • Ignore .rnd (openssl stuff)
  • Fix RPM field seperator
  • Make the configparser case sensitive.
  • Split off authform
  • Split the installer into -tools
  • Do not require ipsilon-tools
  • Bump spec file
  • !init! needs to be in the main package
  • Split tools between components that require them
  • Add uninstallation support.
  • Bump version numbers for release v0.4.0

Rob Crittenden (8):

  • Add helper to store provider specific data
  • Register !SingleLogoutService SAML2 metadata
  • Add SAML-specific session data for tracking login/logout sessions
  • Implement Single Logout Service for SP-initiated logout
  • Test for Single Logout Service
  • Fix typo in nss and infoldap info plugins
  • Let the plugin configure calls notice failures.
  • Add info plugin that utilizes Apache mod_lookup_identity plugin

Simo Sorce (22):

  • Bump RPM spec version to 0.3.0
  • Use referer too as source of transaction IDs
  • Fix int/pep8 errors in latest patches
  • Add function to import a cert from a file
  • Add support for expiration in Metadata
  • Add Metadata Generator helper class
  • Add expiration to Idp metadata
  • Fix typos in openid provider comments
  • Change attrs test to check for fullname
  • Prefix userdata hives with _ to avoid conflicts
  • Add Policy class to help filter attributes
  • Add config option to load mapping lists
  • Add support for attribute policies in samlidp
  • Add support for attribute policies in openidp
  • Add support for new options to plugin_config.html
  • Do not crash on failure to load config
  • Handle changing !ComplexList options
  • Handle changing !MappingList options
  • Add dynamic list to plugin_config forms
  • Use the new Policy engine for login/info mapping
  • Make available case insensitive mapping matching
  • Avoid attrs test flakines, stop using info_nss