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Fixed various issues on adding or handing Service Provider configuration in the SAML2 provider. Added development test framework (in git only at this time). Minor bugfixes and python lint cleanups.

Detailed Changelog

Simo Sorce (22):

  • Fix E713 with stricter pep8 error checker
  • Fix E256 with stricter pep8 error checker
  • Fix E501 line too long errors
  • Fix referer checks with escaped URLs
  • Fix handling of SP renames
  • Fix sample spec file to use a versioned doc dir
  • Add sdist and rpms targets to Makefile
  • Fix typo
  • Fix location name
  • If krb is explicitly 'no' do not check for ipa
  • Show the Save button only if it useful
  • Add tooltips to SAML forms
  • Add optional field to allow pasting the metadata
  • Allow turning off security at install time
  • Add support for passing configuration profile
  • Do not make directory unwritable
  • Additional parametrization of template files
  • Add test login module
  • Add basic testing infrastructure
  • Add support for socket wrappers if available
  • Add first test, checks client/server installs work
  • Bump up release to 0.2.5