Ipsilon - Identity Provider server and toolkit

Ipsilon is a server and a toolkit to configure Apache-based Service Providers. The server is a pluggable selfcontained mod_wsgi application that provides federated SSO to web applications. User authentication is always performed against a separate Identity Management system (for example a FreeIPA server), and communication with application is done using a supported federation protocol.

The protocols supported out of the box are: SAML2, OpenID Connect, OAuth2, Persona, OpenID 2.0.

It is easy to drop in additional protocol plugins.

Current releases

The current Ipsilon release is 2.1.0, released on 2017-11-14.

The latest 2.0 release is 2.0.2. The latest 1.2 release is 1.2.1. The latest 1.1 release is 1.1.2. The latest 1.0 release is 1.0.3.

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